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Governing Body

The governing body at Roding Primary School is comprised of dedicated volunteers from the broader community. They are deeply committed to the school's continuous growth and to providing the highest quality education, fostering an environment where all pupils can develop into life-long learners.


As the governing body, we have three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction around the school's development plan

  • Collaborating with the leadership team on enhancing the school's educational performance against national standards, supporting pupil achievement, and managing staff performance effectively

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring that the budget is utilised efficiently to ensure effectiveness and impact.


Voting Rights

All governors automatically have voting rights at FGB meetings and on the committees to which they are appointed. This is standard.

The regulations specify that associate members can attend and contribute to discussion but not vote at FGB meetings. Roding Primary School currently do not have any associate members.

The governing body have two committees: 

  • Personnel, Finance, Premises and Health and Safety Committee (PFP) 
  • Teaching and Learning Committee (T&L) 

Governors at Roding Primary 

Constitution of Name  Term of Office End 
Co-opted Governors Dawn Hallybone
Amanda Harris
Daniel Lea
Olaide Oboh
Mandeep Sira
Mike Teahan
Danielle Yates
12 July 2027
14 July 2025
15 March 2027
12 July 2027
30 November 2026
25 November 2027
30 November 2026
Headteacher Melissa Nwankiti   
Local Authority Governor Sue McMahon 20 March 2028
Parent Governors Fasal Hussain
Eric Ertac
9 May 2025
20 November 2027
Staff Governor Niall O’Sullivan 20 November 2027

Chair of the Governing Body - Mike Teahan 

Vice Chair of the Governing Body - Fasal Hussain 

Find out more about our governors 


Olaide Oboh




I have a twenty-year track record working across large public and private sector organisations. With a degree in Sociology, I am fascinated by how people engage with one another, with physical spaces and society in general; and this curiosity drives me.

In my day job, I lead on building relationships, establishing and nurturing partnerships with key local businesses, investor and stakeholder contacts, as well as embedding a social impact approach in local communities.

I am passionate about continuous development and regularly volunteer to support young girls get into a variety of routes within real estate.

I am a local resident and a parent of two children.

Danielle Yates 


Coupled with my position as classroom teacher and Roding Primary’s Science Lead, I had previously gained multiple years of experience in competitive marketing and sales industries, managing large teams of adults, building strategies and creating solutions.

From my previous career, I have taken with me various transferable skills which have contributed to my identity as a teacher, governor and member of the school team.

Working within the Roding community has allowed me to ensure that children can develop a positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning, engage in a varied and impactful curriculum and feel safe, listened to and valued. Becoming a governor at Roding has allowed me to vocalise my experiences and expertise as class teacher and collaborate within our wider community to exercise our responsibility which supports teaching and learning within the school. This shared knowledge helps create and build on a strategy to further develop Roding’s future, something that I find so interesting and am very proud of.

Dawn Hallybone


Both my children attended Roding and I also taught within the borough for over 17 years. I am still involved in education and currently work for an Education Technology company. Being a governor is important to me as it is a chance for me to support the school and the local community.
Fasal Hussain 


Vice Chair 

I am a dedicated Deputy Headteacher with a diverse background in the educational sector, including mainstream secondary education and pupil referral units. I am currently serving at a specialised school for pupils with special needs. I bring invaluable experience in creating inclusive learning environments. With a focus on holistic student development, I am committed to fostering academic achievement and promoting the well-being of every student. My expertise in educational leadership, strategic planning, and student support equips me to make significant contributions to the school's governance. I am passionate about ensuring equitable access to quality education, and I am dedicated to advocating for the unique needs of all pupils.

Sue McMahon



As a newly appointed Local Authority Governor, I believe my role is to develop understanding between the school and the wider L. A. I am currently the Head of SEaTSS (Specialist Education and Training Support Service) and, as such, act as a senior manager within the L.A.

My entire teaching career has been based upon a commitment to developing inclusive education and opportunities for pupils with SEN needs whilst ensuring all pupils thrive. As a Teacher of the Deaf, I have worked in special schools, ARPS, mainstream schools and outreach services, including over 20 years working in Roding Primary school in a variety of roles. This school and its ethos are very close to my heart. I hope I can contribute in some way to the school's development priorities and to ensure that all children at Roding thrive.

Mike Teahan


I am a Bachelor of Education and have a post-graduate diploma in Education Management. I am also a qualified Youth Worker. I taught in schools in London and was a head teacher for many years. In 2001, I worked in a local authority as Head of Access Services and, following that, as an Adviser for the Advisory Service for Education (ACE) and the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

In the voluntary sector, I have 10 years youth work experience, 17 years as a Cub Scout Leader, 10 years as a governor of a Mental Health Secure provision and 8 years as a governor at Roding Primary.

In commercial settings, I was involved in independent Education Advice Services, and motor vehicle bodywork repair companies.

My interests are a lifelong enjoyment in English Traditional Morris and Sword Dances, Classic Cars, and painting.

I am married to Kathie and have two sons. We live locally near Charlie Brown’s Roundabout and are very involved in local groups.

Melissa Nwankiti



As the current Headteacher, I bring a wealth of experience and dedication to my role, having started as a Deputy Headteacher at Roding in 2018 and serving as Co-Headteacher since 2022.

My journey in the education sector is extensive and varied, encompassing leadership positions in diverse boroughs such as Hackney, Barnet, Islington, and Haringey.

Initially qualified as a Paediatric nurse, I transitioned to teaching, bringing a unique perspective to my educational approach. I am also a trained Special Educational Needs Coordinator and have completed the National Professional Qualification in Headship. My diverse background and extensive experience underpin my commitment to fostering a nurturing and high-achieving environment at Roding Primary School.