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Extended School

At Roding there are a wide variety of extracurricular activities on offer to children throughout the school. School staff, parents and volunteers give freely of their time to organise and run clubs. We also work in collaboration with outside Sports, Dance and Music groups to provide further morning, lunchtime and after school opportunities.

At the beginning of each term, parents/carers are sent information regarding all available clubs along with dates, times and costs. In the event that a club needs to be cancelled, we attempt to notify children and parents as soon as possible.


From January 2024 the following clubs are available:

To book the Sport Savvy Clubs click here

To book the Chess Club click here

To book the Pioneer Dance Club click here

  • If you would like to join the Steel Pans Club – please join either the Monday or Tuesday club. 


  • Reception Pupils are invited to join our Gymnastics and Multi-Sport Clubs as well as our new Reception Only Spanish Club

KidsOwn (After-School Club)

After school and holidays at Ashton Playing Fields, Chigwell Road, Woodford Bridge, Essex. IG8 8AA (term-time 3.15 -6.00 PM) (Holidays 8.00-6.00 PM)

Further information or enquiries can be found by contacting this service:


Phone Number: 020 8504 5757


After-School Clubs in Redbridge

What is an after school club?

  • Suitable for school aged children
  • Can be registered with Ofsted - see here for details of who doesn't need to register
  • Typically open after the school day and up to 6.00pm to 7.00pm
  • Can only offer Tax Free Childcare and childcare costs through tax credits/universal credit if they are registered with Ofsted
  • Clubs are either offered by a school or by an external childcare provider based at a school or local community venue. Those that aren't based at a school offer collection services from local schools where children will either walk or be driven to the club's venue


Choosing an after school club

For information on choosing a childcare provider, please click here.


Finding an after school club

For a list of after school clubs registered with Ofsted, please press the 'View all services' button. Once in the list, you can filter by age, location and much more.